Planeta Premium Pro Hand Chain Block 0.5t SWL

planeta premium pro hand chain block 0.5t swl

The PLS PREMIUM PRO Hand Chain Block designed and manufactured by Planeta in Germany is fitted with tempered, galvanised load chain according to DIN EN 818-7-T. Up to 3t capacity on a single chain fall.
Range is available from 0.25t to 10t

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  • Compact design means it is light and provides better handling
  • Despite the weight saving, it has improved working stability thanks to the clever construction
  • The Premium Pro Hand Chain Block comes with a chrome-plated housing for corrosion protection and has overload protection as standard
  • All connection and housing parts are protected against corrosion, dirt or rain have no effect on this device
  • Easily-accessible chain mounting
  • Grade 8 Load Chain used on all hoists except 10t – 3 chain falls which is grade 10. Chain conforms with DIN EN 818-7-7 Standard (RUD Germany supply)
  • Overload protection as standard at 500kg and above
  • Hoist up to 3t on a single chain fall
  • Standard hoist with 3m lift, other heights on request
  • Supplied ready for use with ROTE (UK Thorough Report of Examination)
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